Best Story
Right Person, Wrong Timing

Most Fantastic
From My House to Santa's

Best Poem
Christmas Poem

Most Heart-Warming
Once Upon a Time in a Small Village

Most Excellent
Oliver's Enchanted Christmas Workshop

Best-Written Development
Happy Firstmas

Most Engaging
The Elf Lost in the South Pole

Best Premise
The Best Christmas

Most Riveting
Change of Air

Most Mischievous
Martha's Christmas

Most Original Presentation

Best Christmas Spirit
Fortunate star

Most Enjoyable
The Power of Friendship

Christmas in Alanco

Most Magical
Santa Claus and His Helpers

Most Original
The Day the Ocean Froze Over

Most Interesting Premise
My Experience at 12:00 midnight with the 12 Grapes

Most Secretive
Elf on the Shelf

Best Unfinished
Christmas Chronicles

Lovely Ending
Christmas Tree